Cell Station – One button

Datasheet (PDF)
  • Analogue intercom station specially designed for prison and correctional facilities
  • Advanced safety solution including scream, assault and tamper alarms
  • Vandal proof design with 2.5 mm steel front, sensor button, microphone/speaker protection and water resistant
  • Integrated light signaling system
  • Programmable I/O ports for controlling door status, lamps, TV sets, sensors and more
  • Redundant backup for power and signaling

The analogue Tamper and Vandal Proof Station is designed specially for prisons and correctional facilities with safety and security for both guards and prisoners in mind. The station is much more than a traditional intercom for prison cells.

The one button station comes with inbuilt scream alarm, assault alarm, light signaling and external controls. The front plate is in 2.5 mm stainless steel and equipped with one vandal proof sensor call button. If the prisoner in some way should manage to open the station, a tamper alarm will be triggered. If the station is disconnected, or the wires to the station are shorted, a request for action will be generated.

Call request from the cell, guard presence and alarm calls are indicated on the guard´s intercom station as well as by signal lamps outside the cell and in the guard room. The station works in a dual redundant mode. If the link to the intercom exchange fails, the lamp signaling will still work. If the lamp signaling fails, all intercom signaling will remain intact.